Holiday Highlight – Tommy Gunn & Katrina Jade

Tommy called the Nuru agency from his hotel room in hopes of getting a great massage today. He only heard good things from people and decided to try it out. Being on holiday, he needed some pampering and also a little extra … The agency sends Katrina, A smoking hot brunette with awesome tats and a nice rack. Tommy and Katrina take a nice almost like romantic shower together, where she rubs his muscular body and seduces him to please her at the same time. It’s not long after they get in the tub and the action really starts. See Katrina play with Tommy’s cock in different ways and a massage you only dreamed you were a part of!

I’ve Always Dreamt Of This – Julia Ann & Damon Dice

It’s a rainy day outside, but that didn’t stop Damon from going to the famous Nuru massage parlor. He quickly becomes stunned when he sees his step mother Julia Ann opening the door. Both feeling awkward, Julia explains why she’s working at the massage parlor. She felt somewhat bad after her divorce to Damon’s father and felt it was a good idea to present him with a gift certificate. Damon appreciates the hospitality and the gift, but doesn’t think it’s the best of ideas considering Julia was her step mom. Julia assures him this will be fun and enjoyable. She seduces Damon and wields him with her charm. Julia lathers Damon’s back and chest getting him aroused and more relaxed. She gives him the ‘platinum package’ which includes sucking his hard dick in the shower and the bathtub. Being a naughty mommy is easy especially when she lathers him with silky soft oil all over her step sons naked body. Will Damon go all the way with his step mom, after having remorse or will he totally take advantage of his mother’s platinum package gift?

Teen learns to suck cock

Teen learns to suck cock

This teenager is willing to learn the ropes and today’s lesson is sucking knob. She is a bit shy at first but this hotty is up for the challenge of wrapping her lips around a beef stick. She grabs his prick by the base and slowly sucks the head. Its a wonder she can see his dick through all that hair because this dude is hairy. This teen is a quick learner and no time at all she is sucking his knob like a pro.

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Teen masturbates on teachers desk

Teen masturbates on teachers desk

Mio feels sorry for the guy in her class and to help him feel better, she walks over, pulls out his meat stick and shoves it in her mouth. She then gets up on the teachers desk, squats down and shows him how she fingers her cunt. He decides to help out and shoves a couple fingers into her beaver while she goes at her clit. They shove several desks together, Mio gets on her hands and knees and he pounds her from behind. This honey then gets turns flat on her back as he nails her even more.

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Asian schoolgirl gets her pussy fingered

Asian schoolgirl gets her pussy fingered

This cute Asian sweetheart plows into this guy as she is running home. She invites him back to her place for a drink and she ends up almost naked in the bed with him shoving a finger in her hot box and rubbing her tatas. He takes his time and he rubs her snatch and inserts a finger into her snatch and she seems to be quite enjoying it. Next up she straddles his waist as she slides her muff up and down his pecker. He gets her flat on her back as he fucks her cunt more and pulls out and goo’s all over her stomach.

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Premarriage Massage – Marcus London & Lolly Ink

Marcus London rushes to meet his massage therapist, Lolly Ink for a quick rub down. Marco tells Lolly he needs to make this fast as he is getting married today. Lolly doesn’t waste any time undressing and sucking Marcus’s erect penis. She summons him to the bathtub where they kiss passionately and play with one another’s genitals. This is making Marco exceptionally horny and begs for Lolly to suck his penis. Marco asks for Lolly’s nuru massage where Lolly obliges. As she spreads thick oil all over Marco’s body, she rubs her entire naked body all over his back. Her pussy and tits feel so good and she proceeds to put his penis between her tits and fuck it. Even though Marco is pressed for time, this doesn’t stop him from fucking the hell out of her tight shaved pussy. Will Marco actually make it for his own wedding or was his nuru experience worth more than the words ‘I do’?

Awkward Auntie – Jay Smooth & Sarah Vandella

Jay Smooth knows there are always happy endings at The Nuru Spa and today he wanted to fulfill that will his uncles’ new wife Sarah Vandella. He knocks on the door and to Sarah’s surprise she sees Jay. She asks him what he was doing here today where he states the obvious. Sarah clearly reminds him what type of establishment this was and was happy to refer him to any other one of her colleagues. After all, she is married to his uncle. Jay is adamant about having his aunt as a masseur so he pulls out money from his pocket in hopes she will change her mind. Jay makes it very clear that he is a paying customer as he throws money in Sarah’s face. She resents the fact that he shows such disrespect considering they are family and that her tolerance is wearing thin. But Jay knew after speaking to her boss that people have been complaining about her service, so she took that as a sign that he was somewhat bribing her. Finally, giving in she takes Jay by the hand and promises him a massage he will never forget! Wonder what she has up her sleeve? Watch and find out!

Schoolgirl gets her coochie nailed doggy

Schoolgirl gets her pussy fucked doggy

This adorable schoolgirl is sitting in the corner and getting her thighs and muff felt up by a guy in nothing but his birthday suit. With a little persuasion he gets her to gobble his cock as she runs her tongue around the head of his rod. He gets her on her hands and knees and thrusts his rod into her muff doggy. As he is thrusting his beef stick into her pussy, I can’t tell if she is enjoying it or in pain. But anyways, she ends up on her back, with him ramming his schlong into her twat, he pulls out and squirts his jizz all over her stomach and tatas.

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Teen schoolgirl slobs knob in a bathroom stall

Teen schoolgirl sucks cock in a bathroom stall

This little Asian hottie is telling her guy to be quiet because they are in a very cramped bathroom stall. Not so cramped though that he can finger her hot box while she is sitting on the toilet seat. She pulls down his pants and underwear and his cock pops out. She grabs his and tentatively at first licks the head and shaft of his cock. She takes his pecker into her mouth, grabs his shaft as she sucks on him and then she keeps his beef stick into her mouth while he squirts his man gravy into her mouth.

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Schoolgirl gets her pussy fucked by a dildo and prick

Schoolgirl gets her pussy fucked by a vibe and cock

This little schoolgirl is ditching school and up on the roof of a building getting her tatas played with. This guys is having a bit of fun squeezing and massaging her tatas and rubbing his fingers up and down her hot box. He lays her back, and uses a toy on her hot box and its not long before she is screaming out in orgasm. Its his turn to lay back as she straddles his lap and rocks back and forth on his prick. He gets her on her back again as he rams his prick into her hot box, pulls out and leaves a huge load of spooge on her stomach.

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